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I can sit here and tell you I have strong negotiating skills, local market knowledge, and so forth – and of course, I do – but one thing I want to share with you, the thing that is the most important tool I can provide you in your home sale or purchase is my passion. I didn’t get into the industry to make money. I got into the industry because I fell in love with it. I fell in love with homes, the character each one had, and the beautiful people I got to help transition from one to another. I fell in love with hearing people’s stories, really getting to know their needs for their futures, and focusing on ensuring you found a home that actually met those future goals. Real estate can be a stressful thing, moving out of a home you’ve known for years can be hard, and it can be harder if you don’t have someone to partner with who doesn’t take the time to understand that.

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“We listed our home recently with Lori Coppedge, RE/MAX (Wade Works Creative). Our results were amazing. We had over a dozen showings the first couple of days and received contracts by the 2nd day. It was a whirlwind of activity at our house. We could not have…”


“Lori took such good care of us. She listened to our needs, did wonderful research, and dedicated her time to making the stressful process of selling and buying go as smoothly as possible. We had complete confidence in her the entire time and feel lucky to have had her…”

mara mandradjieff

“This is my 3rd time buying a home in the Atlanta area, and Lori tops the charts in every aspect. Zillow sums up the most important attributes (local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness and negotiation skills) - and Lori excels in each of these categories. There…”


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